Patterns, bags, projects..oh my

Finally got around to making me a bag. Custom lining fabric from Spoonflower.

Bingo bag with slots for stampers. Any pattern can be put on these.

Tote Uncommon is big on Equality. Don't tread on their rights! Patch.

Christmas Stocking. Any pattern on it with your name.

Nerf gun holster. Stick'em up!

Another "KiP" bag. Knit or crochet in public, slip this over your arm and go!

KiP bags have pockets and slots for your stuff!

"KiP" Knit in Public bag. Or crochet. Or you decide! Slip this over your arm and go!

Celtic Raven, one of my best sellers.

Ankh bag.

Another knitting/crochet bag I made.

Boba Fett. My favorite Star Wars character.

Who doesn't like cute dragons?

Knit bags have dividers and yarn guides.

Tree of Life knitting/crocheting bag I made as a custom order.

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